Candy – Free Printable

Candy – Free Printable

HEY Planner Girls!!!

This kit is made with Digital Paper from Northern Whimsy on Etsy called Trick or Treat. This is a new layout then I’ve used before so Please let me know what you think of it! This sticker printable was designed for The Happy Planner, Erin Condren and Personal Size Inserts like the SewMuchCrafting.

There are enough stickers for you to complete a full week no white space layout.

Download EC Files
Download HP Files
Download PS Files

9 thoughts on “Candy – Free Printable”

  • I’m loving the new layout! I think it’s great how I could just cut vertical strips & it’ll be all ready for the day & much easier to plan since I have to cut everything by hand. Also I think it’s a better amount of stickers- less waste- since I always have a lot of stickers left over after every kit even if I do no white space. I still love it though because I have lots of extra functional stickers that I save in case I ever need them for another layout & since they’re plain colors they’re able to be used as such. Just my opionion but I’d say I love to see more kits in this format & I can’t wait til I get my credit card so I can order from you on Etsy!

  • I think this layout is amazing! I’m not usually a no white space planner, but when using this layout, I will be! It’s so well thought out! Thank you!

  • I usually never comment on anything, but I truly love this layout! Saves lots of paper and prevents waste. It seems so easy to use too :). I honestly cannot say how long I have waited for someone to make a layout just like this!!!Just a comment, I would love if you could add full box heart checklists or just full length checklists as an add on or separate document? I know as a student I really rely on the long checklists to write my homework (which never fits in three boxes,) and some need more places to write tasks. Overall it is great!

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