Planner Peace, Myth or Temporary?

Planner Peace, Myth or Temporary?

I think we all struggle to find the perfect planner, or as some call it planner peace. I’m not sure if I have found Planner Peace, however for the time I am happy with my Erin Condren. I used the Erin Condren Vertical Planner all of 2015. However, with more companies making planners I’ve branched out in 2016 to try a few. For the first part of this year, I was using the InkWell Press Flex Planner. It took me some time to get used too but  just felt like it wasn’t really covering all of my needs. I didn’t care for the horizontal layout and the monthly dashboard. Then July came along with new planners being released and I switched to The Happy Planner.  So for about a month I was well pretty Happy. I loved that you could add stuff in with the disc system but I still hadn’t felt that peace in planning as I had in 2015. So when I went back to what had worked well for me then.

I ordered the neutral vertical ECLP from Amazon for $55.00. The only difference from ordering it on Amazon than Erin Condren’s website are as follows;

  • No customizable cover
  • No code for a free cover
  • No Vellum overlay
  • No Ruler
  • No Plastic Zipper Pouch with extras

At you can pick up at ECLP from $55 up to $80 depending on the options that you choose. As of this post you can use the CODE: PLANON25 to save 25% off Planners at I don’t know how long that will be valid for however if you sign up with a new account using my referral link you’ll get an email from Erin Condren with a code for $10.00 off of your first order.

Here are a few examples of my week before the pen.

Let’s face it, No True Planner Girl can ever really have too many Planners!! I own more than my share and I’m always willing to try the next new thing!! Just remember it doesn’t haven’t to be BEaYOUtiful, the little mistakes make us who we are and that goes for our decorating. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something new! When it comes down to it, the whole point is to help us stay organized.

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  • I have to agree with you about the ECLP. I started out in an hourly in March of this year. By the time the new ones came out, I found myself with two colorful layouts and all of the neutral layouts. LOL! I have had a couple of different brands, styles and sizes in between, but I still find myself going back to my ECLP. I just love the versatility of the layouts. And I have to tell you, YOURS ARE GORGEOUS! Just beaYOUtiful! 😉

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