Back to College – Freebie


Hey Ladies! I know many of us are in college, and trying to keep track of everything going on. I made these stickers with online students in mind. I have been using these stickers in my planner and they are working out great. You can color code per a class or to match your weekly theme. Click the links to download the files.

Back to College 1 Pdf       Back to College 1 Studio File

Back to College 2 Pdf       Back to College 2 Studio File


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Hello! I’m 23 and a full time college student. I am studying business management. Planning is very therapeutic to me. I love designing stickers and excited to share them with you. I have studied art two years traditionally and two years digitally. I had a planner since middle school. Back then it was just doodled in and random pieces of magazines glued or taped on. In 2015 I learned there is planner stickers, stamps, and washi tape. In 2016 I bought myself a silhouette portrait and been designing my own stickers since then.

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