I Need HELP!? Silhouette Cutting Issues FAQ

I Need HELP!? Silhouette Cutting Issues FAQ

Hi Planner Besties!

I get emails and messages often enough that I really should have written and FAQ much sooner! So here we go Silhouette Tips and Tricks.

  • My Silhouette cuts are off.
    • Make sure you have enough lighting for the silhouette. I’m not JOKING Add more lights shining on to the front of the machine. The more the better! LIGHTING LIGHTHING and MORE LIGHTHING
    • Replace your cutting mat
    • Clean your silhouettes cutting blade
    • Replace the cutting blade
  • Silhouette “Failed Registration” This can happen for several different reasons. Below are things to check!
    • Silhouette Studio is not up to date. You should check to make sure you are using at least Silhouette Studio V4. If you are using V3 or lower some of my new files will not cut.
    • Registration Marks are missing from the page
    • Not choosing the correct cutting mat or machine type in studio
    • Cutline are not selected correctly
    • If you have tried everything and still can’t get it to cut, try to copy and paste everything into a new file and redo your registration marks and cut settings.
    • Double check the to make sure your cable to the computer is plugged in, check both ends.
    • Reboot your computer and try again!
  • What can the Cameo do that the Portrait can’t? Well to be honesty if you are ONLY using your Portrait to cut stickers then there isn’t anything the Cameo does for cutting stickers that the Portrait doesn’t. The Cameo is MUCH larger than the Portrait. If you are limited on space then the Portrait would be better for you.

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2 thoughts on “I Need HELP!? Silhouette Cutting Issues FAQ”

  • Hello: One thing about failed registrations – might have designs too close to registration marks, and registration marks too close to top or bottom of page, try manual registration if your machine fails to register. I have a lot of files that won’t register the first time and they always register when I manually register.

    • I typically don’t run into this problem since I create all my printables with silhouette and keep them within the cut area.

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